Product Description

Antique Aqua Green Glazed Ceramic Jars (HPPN005)

Material: Ceramic Glazed

Set of 2 – Dimension:

(cm)     a. L65 x W65 x H69      b. L26 x W26 x H27

(inch)   a. L38 x W38 x H47      b. L15 x W15 x H19

Packing: 3 sets/pallet – Packing size:

(cm)       L70 x W70 x H222

(inch)     L28   x  W28   x  H87

Loadability/40′: 153 sets

Hoang Pottery is a reliable destination for your pottery supply, we always works with cultivate to bring satisfied for customers about products qualityOur collections include high quality frost resistant pottery of all shapes and size as well as style suitable for indoor décor. Hoang Pottery products is suitable for indoors and outdoors, functional and non-functional (decorative), contemporary and traditional. For the frost resistant garden pot and planter was handmade in Vietnam based on centuries of tradition in the art of ceramics. Each step in the labor – intensive process – design, clay mixing, and molding, curing, glazing and firing is performed using traditional techniques handed down by generations of potters. The most important created our prestige is quality and guarantee. When working with our sale team, you can totally trust about products quality. Price can be negotiated but quality is not, we have only one quality – the best quality for our customers.

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