We ship it right

Our pot is hand-wrapped in PE bag, hand-packed on the feet and around the edges and shipped by our own fleet of trucks. We want to make sure that it reaches your warehouse in the same condition as when it left our warehouse.

How we do

  1. Checking pots before Packing
  2. Pots nested in sets. Corrugated card board /polyfoam used between pots to provide its own protective covering/cushioning.
  3. Pots nested in sets and kept stationary outside with card boards then strings.
  4. Pots nested and loaded on pallets carefully.
  5. Pots loaded on pallets, covered by plastic film and fastered again by strings. Shipping marks applied and ready for being loaded into container
  6. Pallets hauled and load into container by folklift
  7. Pallets fastened again after fully loaded container by string to prevent falling upon door open. Ready to go!dong-cont

The wooden pallets will be clean and fumigated to make sure all is correctly upon arrival at destination. The packing of the products will be done according to the required packing need and to optimize the loading.

Pallet Packing

We also do Loose Packing to save the space inside the container. We have experience to do it right!

Loose Packing

We take great pride in our packing. We always pack your pottery with lots of care knowing that it has to travel a long distance. So you can feel safe to give us your order. Because We want to make sure that it reaches your warehouse in the same condition as when it left our warehouse.


We always try our very hardest to get the best shipping price possible for our customers to keep their freight costs down. Also we continually monitor the shipping time to make sure our customers get a reasonable shipping time. However you can always use your own Freight Forwarder to organize the shipping of your consignment. Please ask if you need any help of the shipment.


Each individual shop can make up their own selected container, either 20′, 40′ or 40’HC. 

Mixing containers with many different shapes and materials is a very detailed process. We will give you the estimation of load ability (CBM) in the containers as follow:

  • 20′ feet 29CBM
  • 40′ feet 60CBM
  • 40′ feet High Cuber 70CBM

As not the items have the same dimensions, the calculation for the total CBM, Prior to the actual loading, has to allow for some adjustments +/-10%. We will calculate the CBM after receiving your order. We will always optimize any of the container when ordered.


Try this option and you will be very satisfied with the result!


See some mixing photos below:

Mixing pallet from Hoang Pottery Mixing pallet from Hoang Pottery2


Do you know how to calculate price of each piece in a set?

Please use the pricing Matrix as a guide only to break down the set sizes after you have added all Costs, Mark Ups, Taxes and you have your retail price that the set owns you. We will always help you with your pricing if you need any help to work out your Landed Cost Or RR price Please ask.