You don’t need to take our word for it – read what some of our customers have said…

“The products look incredible – the quality is outstanding, we are really happy with them, so big thank you to you and your team, they are the best”
Jens H. Mortensen – Randers, Limo Labels AS, Denmark
“The packing job you did was amazing, everything has so much protection around them, really impressed with how careful you are with packing.
Again, huge thanks! You and team are amazing, just blown away with how amazing they are.”
Matt McMullen- Hampton Rd, South Fremantle, Australia
“Everything arrived safe today. Looks beautiful!!! Thank you very much for your excellent service and great quality. Wish me luck. If I can sell them I will order more. Take care!”
Doug Gardner- 8728 Opal Drive, Tallahassee, FLorida
“Just wanted to let you know that my glazed pots containers were delivered yesterday morning. We unpacked them last night and they are perfect! Thanks for your assistance, I really appreciate it. Your pots look great in our showroom! Exactly what I was looking for!”
Paulo Reis - Nieuwkoop Brasil
“Thank you so much. Our containers arrived Thursday and I opened right away and all is perfect again here. Thank you for your attention to my order. It has always been a pleasure to work with your company due to your staff’s professionalism. I will repeat the order soon.”
Toni Blanchard- Ontario, Toronto

About Hoang Pottery

Since 2010, Hoang Pottery starts to serve customer with Vietnamese Pottery!

Hoang Pottery is a Vietnamese pottery manufacturer offering outdoor pottery manufactured with outdoor materials including Clay, Concrete and Resin composite concrete.
Our vietnam pottery is created with a simple concept: to offer the customer a wide variety of designs, high-end finishes, quality outdoor material and newest trends of pots and planters. Our dedication to quality, style, and reasonable prices allows us to maintain a long lasting relationship with our customers..

“Put your feet in their shoes” – It is what we want all our employees always keep in their mind when working with customers.

In the circumstance that ceramic market with thousands of suppliers caused customers be lost in a maze about price and quality, Hoang Pottery has gradually claimed itself as a reliable destination for your pottery supply. All started from a small workshop in 2010, but with the big passion and ceaseless effort, we could gain more and more market share as well as keep our customer’s faith on us until now.

What we do to make differences with others?

Benifit is important but not everything. Most of companies may usually put the profit first, but what we are caring is completely different – quality product is always our first priority. We want to create the best products that bring to our customers satisfaction whenever using them. Price can be negotiated but quality is not, we have only one quality – the best quality for our customers.

Price doesn’t matter. We always ready to serve with the most reasonable prices that bring to customer satisfaction. By sustainable cooperation with many material suppliers in Vietnam and having skilled employees, we can create good products in a low cost.

Be our close friends since you contacted us. The sale team will dedicatedly consult and give you exact information around the products and trade contract. We also guarantee shipping always on time. And the most flexible term of payment that our company has the obligation to offer.

For more facilitation, the customers are always welcomed to our factory located in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam. You can take a look at the manufacturing process where the quality and the creativity to be brought to the door of assigned stores, garden center, and anywhere else upon request.

We invite you to contact us with questions after viewing what we have to offer, we’re positive you’ll be as impressed with our sales team and our services!

We Care About Our Customers

We want you- our partners- to be as happy with what you buy from us as we are, and that means:

Making it right – Our people take years of training and practice to reach the level of consistency that we know you expect. This work environment is not something you can cultivate if your goal is to find the cheapest labor in the world.

Inspecting it right – Our people are dedicated to quality, and we spend almost as much time inspecting, cleaning, and perfecting finished pieces as we do building them. When our pots go out the door, we’ve made sure that all the pots are checked, and there are no lumps, bumps, or crack lines.

Shipping it right – Our pot is hand-wrapped in PE bag, hand-packed on the feet and not on the sides, and shipped by our own fleet of trucks. We want to make sure that it reaches your warehouse in the same condition as when it left our warehouse.

Getting it to you quickly – We ship finished goods in four to six weeks, we also have a professional back office team, who are able to well handle custom and paper work for you.