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The beauty needs of people appear in many different fields of life, including the demand for decorating living spaces has always got a lot of people’s concerns. When living in a beautiful space, we will get a lot of benefits from it. Being immersed in a beautiful space help you feel more relaxed and cheery a lots, which can have an indirect effect to help improve our health.

Flower pots are one of the most effective ways to decorate our spaces. The benefits that they bring for the life is incredible. They not only bring a fresh air for our health but also make your spaces become more attractive. Caring flower pots is funny and helpful hobby for people when they have free time. Moreover, they also have good effects on human health due to its purifying and cleansing the air. Especially, flower pots will make your spaces become more natural and vivid. By using suitable pots with appropriate plants, you should decorate them in different places in your house, your offices or your stores to see the big change that flower pots bring for your house. You can apply them for both indoor and outdoor spaces to make your house become filled fresh air and green color of nature.

A beautiful flower pots are extremely effective way to decorate your spaces. In the, an important factor to create an eye-catching flower pot is that you should choose appropriate plants for each type of pot. Appropriate pots are not only creating new environment for plants to grow strongly but also help to make an impressive point for the plants. Besides, they will make your spaces become more attractive and harmonious than before. Therefore, if you want to own a beautiful pot, firstly, you must pay attention to choose pots, from designs or colors to the sizes of pots – one of the leading factors that you must consider to choose a suitable pot.

light -concrete-planter
"light -concrete-planter"
light -concrete-planter

Firstly, you must identify what kinds of pot you want and pots which made from advanced and modern materials are durability, and above all, these pots should be at reasonable price. Currently, there are many types of pots on the market now from domestic to foreign products so it is very easy to help you choose suitable pots. The most popular pot that are used widely is Light Concrete planter. This product line is made from fiber, cement, small stones, so they are durability, high waterproof as well as temperature resistance even at cold temperature. Besides, glazed ceramic planter and Terrazzo pots are good choice you should not ignore. They are designed with simple but modern style, light weight so these products are very convenience in decorating and moving around.Not only are the quality reliability and variety of sizes, but also Terrazzo and Light Concrete are designed with the direction of dynamic and elegant styles; therefore, they are fit with architectures from traditional to modern spaces.

Secondly, you must consider to the process of selecting pots for each space: the pots which can help plants growth strongly and the style of pots must be suitable to the style of plants. For example, with the relatively high plants, you should choose the pot with a height equal to one third, or roughly half of the pot for planting. For plants are too high, you should choose pots with a quarter of the plant’s height. For small plants, the best choice is pots with double or triple height of them. Especially, the plants with round canopy and short height, you can use pots which are higher than many times. Moreover, for narrative spaces, you should choose thetall and thin pots and do not choose short and big pots due to they will spend much more spaces of the house. For large spaces, you can feel free to choose any types of pots depending on your preferences as well as fengshui of house. For flower pots which are shrubby or spread, you should choose pots that have centered symmetry such as circle, square and polygon pots…, especially, do not choose rectangle and over pots. For plants which are not shrubby or spread, you can select the pots with other asymmetrical shape. The color of pots are not in contrast with the color of the plant and must match the color of the space where plants. Flower pots should be chosen neutral colors because they are easier to combine with other colors. White glazed ceramic pots are easily combined with the green of plants, which create the simple and traditional beauty for spaces. Thus, if you're still wondering to find a suitable pots for your spaces, we sure that they will bring satisfactions for you.Or if you want to make a big difference, you can choose a pot with more striking colors to create focal points for the space.

concrete-planter (2)
"concrete-planter (2)"
concrete-planter (2)

Finally, each plant requires different ways tocare, so if you have a lot of time, you can choose many types of plants but if you are a busy person, you should choose plants that you do not need spending more time to care them. You should choose types of plant that are having capability to live in closed environment, especially for places where people frequently use laptop or PC.

Above all, you must choose prestige distributors to feel safety about the quality of products. Equally, these prestige distributors are having good customer services and after-sales service; therefore, you will receive some suggestions as well as advices to choose appropriate pots for spaces of your house. Choosing appropriate pots will maximize the beauty of spaces. So you should spend a little time to seek and consider carefully to make the right decisions. In order to get more information about these products, you could contact us directly. We are pleased to welcome you.

Rustic Shape Flower Pot
"Rustic Shape Flower Pot"
Atlantis Pots Planters and Rustic Pots

Through all information above, we are sure that you have a suitable choice to create an ideal and friendly spaces for yourself. And if our Vietnam pottery meet all requirements of you, do not hesitate to contact to us to own these products with good quality, high application as well as environmental friendliness. We always put the quality and prestige on the top so you could feel secure when using them. On the other hand, with the criteria “Serving customer is our honor”, when you have questions and expect to be answered, we are willing to give you some advices to help you to solve these issues. In addition, if you are interested in our products, let’s contact to us and you will quickly see the presence of the products in your space. You can have peace in your mind that your product will be shipped to your address safely, no scratches or damagebecause we are directly pay attention to packing products for customers. Another important factor is freight, we always think of the customers’ benefits so you should have peace in your mind that the freight is not only safety but also at reasonable price. Moreover, we also have the website for our products that can help people in different areas or different countries can see the models as well as their specific information.

According to these suggestions, as well as detailed information on this product, it should be worthy of your thoughts and attention. We hope with our products, you have found a satisfactory choice for your every space in your house.


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